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Airgap Zero Trust Enterprise

Ransomware Kill Switch

Perfectly segment every endpoint and instantly stop lateral spread.

Agentless Segmentation, Fully Managed.Deploys in hours.

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Stop Lateral Threat

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Deliver segmentation compliance

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Granular incident response

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No hardware upgrades

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Built-in NAC & DHCP

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Low latency, Enterprise-friendly

The First Zero Trust Firewall

Airgap is the fastest way to get over the toughest compliance hurdle in Zero Trust: segmentation.

Airgap Built-in Discovery & Visibility


Say goodbye to ACLs/NAC configuration headaches

Say goodbye to visibility gaps and inaccurate inventories
  • Stop lateral threat by segmenting every endpoint
  • Fully segment legacy servers, headless machines, and cloud-hosted assets
  • AI/ML-driven detection
  • Granular incident response
  • Fully managed
  • Deploys in hours
  • No hardware upgrades or VLAN/IP readdressing
  • Built-in NAC and DHCP
  • Dozens of integrations
  • Physical or virtual appliances
  • Phased deployment, pay-as-you grow
  • Hitless upgrades
  • No open ports for attackers
  • Maximized network performance
  • Automated policy grouping and tagging
  • Built-in visibility and discovery
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Tired of Complex and Outdated ACLs/NAC?Get Airgap agentless segmentation.

  • Operational Simplicity & Scale

    100% agentless, compliant, regularly patched, and secured. Cloud/AWS scale.

  • Saas/Managed Service

    50% savings, fully managed, per user or enterprise annual subscription licensing.

  • Per-Application Customization

    Custom templates to suit each app's requirements. New instances are spun up in the cloud on-demand.

  • Enhanced Security

    SSO/MFA identity check, end-to-end encryption, lockdown from User IP to Machine IP, and authorized access only.

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Airgapfor easier compliance

Airgap is the fastest solution for achieving the two hardest zero trust compliance requirements - secure access and segmentation. Check the box on these zero trust hurdles in hours.


AirgapRansomware Kill Switch

Airgap Programmable Data Pipeline

Maintain business operations even if higher network levels are compromised

Fully Compliant Segmentationin 4 simple steps

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Power on

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Onboard your VLAN

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Verify traffic between devices

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Activate Ransomware Kill SwitchTM

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You’re Protected!

Airgap Benefits

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30 day trial

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Fully managed SaaS

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No agents

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Hitless Upgrades

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Audit and compliance

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Deploy in hours

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Pay as you grow